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I dont agree with it and dont compare him with other villain in 6th flying dragon with only have a goal for money and authority (so boring),, lee in jwa is different he is like a revolusionist who want to take the throne to make Joseon people better,, in this time so many poverty, slavery and corruption in this era,, but he did it by sacrificed other people and wrong way.His character was developed beautifully and he was the soul of the drama. and jin goo is such a fine actor.

Lee Min Ho, Suzy, Kim Woo Bin, Song Jong Ki, Jang Keun Suk,park shin hye, jung II woo, song seng heon and song hye kyo and so many loves ahead hehehe what a lucky monkey year na.The best drama i have ever wach hmm i am now addicted of korean movie cos of this The Royal Gambler.And for the love of god, the actor playing the king is awesome.This Drama is really good I think it just came out at the wrong time due to all the Descendants of the Sun hype that was going on.As a police thriller with a dash of morally complex human drama,. emotional gymnastics of a typical Korean TV drama might find it. the cast members, the.Actually all the main characters were excelent on their roles.

After all, JGS looks younger than he really are and I love to see him again on TV.Is yeo jin goo going to be like the bad guy in the drama, if so I will believe it is worthy to watch.Huge selection of ringtones for mobile phones shared by millions of Zedge users world-wide. High quality mobile ringtones, fast and easy, free download - featured.In summary, if you want a drama where bad guys always win, or the hero keeps saving the bad guys, this drama is for you.Not interested in the male leads at all, but after l saw Lim Ji-yeon in it, l think l might watch it just a bit.As kids in the 1980s, Sam Brenner, Will Cooper, Ludlow Lamonsoff, and Eddie "The Fire Blaster" Plant saved the world thousands of times, at 25 cents a game in the.Hyde Park Group is a strategic culinary innovation company with a design thinking approach connecting consumer insight to new food and beverage design.

I think the slave girl will not end up with Baek Dae Gil as she is not one of the lead characters and she is only a supporting actress.I am going to miss this drama, true to form during the younger years of King Yeongjo. should have been 50 episodes at least.I just started watching the series and I immediately became engrossed with it.JKS and YJG is also amazing, but Choi Min Soo ahjussi is just too outstanding.I want Bromance in this drama too not just the typical love triangle they obviously have already.I am looking forward to the day when the two princes work together to fight the one bad guy and his team.It is the best of the 26 kdramas I have ever watched including bof,playful kiss,yob, dots, heirs and city hunter.I adore this drama very much.

The thing l hate the most is all characters (except King) and events are played by Lee In-jwa.In order to register, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.Grey's Anatomy spin-off cast guesses. many fans of the long-running ABC medical drama have been. She also lists herself as a “Doctor of Human Sexuality.

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But even with JGS as the main character I felt this drama is boring and shallow.2012 saw the most expensive political campaigns and some of the most extreme weather events in human history,.There is also Moo-myung in saeguk drama, Maids, played by Oh Ji-ho. LOL.You have the Games Master, Lee In Jwa (a revolutionary) versus the crafty old King Sookjong (the beast with 100 eyes and 1000 ears) spar to install the right heir to the Joseon throne.B that i feel like all my life is about are dramas dramas dramas now).

Six flying drama is incomparable, you can find like this drama once in decade.Like in the last episode I saw where Dae Gil saw Yeoning and Dam Seo embracing- the emotion was not sustained in the next scenes.If I dislike some dramas I never read the news or writing something about it.Think optimistic and find fun in your time spends and get some interest and write some good comments to watch or watch some interesting drama and comment there good.So many people in my country love the drama, they are always waiting every week to watch it.This is a very interesting drama, and the acting of all the actors with a major role is excellent. from King to rebels to gamblers.

But, for 24 eps drama, I can say that Daebak is worth watching.Why not put should put a litle bit comedy to refresh scenes.I recommeded to my friends to watch this very interesting and heartbreaking film.Park Jung Min is a member of the South Korean group. In July 2011 he has been cast as a lead in the Japanese mobile drama. Drama Special 2011: Human Casino.The last episode of Futurama ended with Fry lovingly asking his wife Leela if she’d like to “go around again,” and now it looks like they’re going to. Nerdist.